Rest Duvet

Feels like magic

Sleep is the most important activity we all share, and that's why Rest works to give people access to good sleep - whether or not they use their products. Working with Rest, I helped secure countless media placements, flesh out a complete PR strategy, and advise on social media/influencer strategies.

Press Highlights

In my six months of working with this client, I helped achieve over 50 media placements (an astounding Circulation/UMV of 1,721,211,820) to feature them in gift guides, product awards, celebrity endorsements, and more. Check out these top placements!

Emmy Critics Choice and the Celebrations In Between - The Wrap 1.22.24

15 Best Duvets for the Best Sleep of Your Life - Cosmopolitan 2.8.24

2024 Best Bedding Awards - Good Housekeeping 3.11.24

The 12 Best Comforters of 2024 - PEOPLE 3.11.24